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Anime USA 2011

>The annual convention celebrating Japanese Animation was held this weekend at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia. Attended by about 4,000 people the convention boasted such guests as voice actors Wendee Lee, Tony Oliver and Monica Rial. FANTASTIC FORUM was in attendance to get the scoop on what was what in the exciting […]

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And the winner is…

This has been another big weekend for FANTASTIC FORUM! Earlier today I appeared on THE NOVA COMICS SHOW, Larry Reclusado’s wonderful program on FPA-TV in Fairfax County, Virginia. Larry, Jeff Daughtery of Capicons Comic and Pop Culture Conventions, the Phantom Fan and I discussed this summer’s comic book movies. Look for this episode to air […]

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Coming Soon to a Location Near You!

>During the hiatus between season two and three I designated refinements and set certain goals for the program. One of the goals was a production schedule that saw episodes reach air more rapidly than in the past. Post production work for season one and two did not begin until the discussion portion of all episodes […]

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