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>During the hiatus between season two and three I designated refinements and set certain goals for the program. One of the goals was a production schedule that saw episodes reach air more rapidly than in the past. Post production work for season one and two did not begin until the discussion portion of all episodes had been completed. That meant that some shows were on the shelf for months prior to being broadcast. During a break in production during season two there was a period of nearly two years between taping and airing of some episodes! Well, since May 2011 we’ve been taping a couple of shows and then immediately beginning post production work in an effort to complete the programs and get them on the air. It has worked out pretty well so far. The shows taped in May began hitting the airwaves in August. The shows that taped in September will begin airing this month.

So while MCM editing was out of service I started looking around at other facilities. The community media centers here in the Washington, DC metro area are robust. Each offers some unique equipment that the resourceful producer can utilize to the advantage of his or her creative projects. For example, FPA-TV in Fairfax County Virginia has a kitchen studio. And AIM in Arlington County Virginia has its own mobile production van. Well, I’ve been volunteering on that van as crew for several high school sports events and am now eligible to use it for FANTASTIC FORUM. That means we have the capability to tape the panel discussions at field locations!

I’ve previously spoken to Jeff Weaver of Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA about taping some shows there. I’ll be following up with Jeff in the next week or so to set a date in cement. And we’ll be sure to make it an extravagant event that local fanboys and girls can attend! I’ve got some other ideas about field locations where we might tape including the 2012 Baltimore Comic Con. The creative juices are really starting to flow. There will be more to report in the coming weeks. Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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