Anime USA 2011

>The annual convention celebrating Japanese Animation was held this weekend at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia. Attended by about 4,000 people the convention boasted such guests as voice actors Wendee Lee, Tony Oliver and Monica Rial. FANTASTIC FORUM was in attendance to get the scoop on what was what in the exciting world of Anime. And the convention didn’t disappoint.

Host Sherin Nicole spoke to a number of cosplayers as well as members of The DC Anime Club. FANTASTIC FORUM and The DC Anime Club are looking to partner up. In the near future you’ll see club members featured on a segment reviewing the latest and greatest anime and manga works. Director and editor Bryan Lyles got the shots and Sherin glowed in front of the camera with her ususal grace and poise.

In the end there wasn’t much for me to do except cool my heels in the hotel lobby watching my beloved Redskins go down in flames to the Dallas Cowboys. Watch for our event coverage of Anime USA 2011 in an upcoming episode. The best is yet to come!

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