My Very First Comic Book!


I was in the 1st Grade. There was a sweet shop down the block from the apartment building where we lived in Bloomfield, New Jersey. One afternoon my mother and I went there. I was enthralled by the spinner rack of comic books and begged her for the giant sized issue of Batman.

In particular, I recall the story about, “The Hand From Nowhere.” Batman and Robin were in pursuit of a giant hand that appeared to commit robberies. The Dynamic Duo ultimately discovered that the hand was a mechanical creation of evil scientist, Lex Luthor. I remember thinking it was really cool that Superman’s arch enemy was going up against Batman. And Batman caught his ass at the end, too!

I had that comic book for years. I read it until the cover came off and the pages were falling apart. If it hadn’t been for some Facebook friends making inquiries and posting pictures of their first comics on their walls I wouldn’t have thought about it. If it hadn’t been for this comic book I might not have ever started collecting. In very many ways this book is indirectly responsible for FANTASTIC FORUM. That moment in a sweet shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey is when it all started.

Sometimes I really love Facebook.

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