Fantastic Forum on DVD

>I delivered on a promise this week. Following the tragic death of our friend, Martin Bosworth, I offered to organize his appearances into a DVD set for his mother. Last year that was a stretch for me technically. But I’ve spent some time honing my skills and learning about the capabilities of the Final Cut Pro and DVD toaster software. I’ve also recently become certified to edit at MCM-TV whose facilities are more cost effective than many other stations. The result is the FANTASTIC FORUM MARTIN BOSWORTH COLLECTION DVD box set.

While this set is not commercially available it speaks to the infinite possibilities for the future. In fact, work has already begun on a box set for season one with season two to follow. Fantastic Forum remains available for internet viewing and download. But the quality of the DVD is unsurpassed. And it is quite likely that Fantastic Forum will ultimately be taped in HD format. The capability to do so exists now. I have refrained as the various stations that carry the program lack the capability to broadcast in HD. But I have been assured that the facility upgrades that permit HD production were performed in anticipation of HD broadcast capacity. That means a Fantastic Forum Collection on Blu-Ray DVD could one day become a reality. Keep watching!

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