"Missed It By That Much…" AKA Tales Of Woe

>Well, I was just reviewing my posts here on FANTASTIC FORUM’s production blog. I realized that I’d claimed in the very first entry to share my tales of woe and victory. But thus far I’ve shared only tales of victory. Being a man of my word I need to share some woe. Crap! OK, here goes.

Yesterday, I narrowly missed getting an interview with Morris Chestnut of ABC-TV’s V. Mr. Chestnut is currently appearing in David E. Talbert’s play, What My Husband Doesn’t Know, at Washington, DC’s Warner Theatre. I was cameraperson for my dear friend and fellow producer, Traycee Gales. Traycee’s regular cameraman had bailed on her at the last minute and since my chivalrous specialty is the damsel in distress I came riding to the rescue. Traycee is producing a TV Show called, Gospel Access. We got interviews with David E. Talbert along with stars Clifton Davis and Ann Nesby. But we couldn’t get Morris Chestnut. Due to his work on the new V series I had my sights on him. Traycee’s efforts to arrange an interview during the remainder of the show’s DC engagement fell through late this afternoon.

This fall I missed an opportunity to speak with Tyrese Gibson of the Transformers movie series. I’d gone with family to the Homecoming Football Game for my alma mater, Howard University. We were in Greene Stadium sitting with University President, Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau and his guests. Not ten feet away from me was Gibson, who was Grand Marshal in the Homecoming Parade. I didn’t even get a picture with the guy before he took off. I hope it wasn’t my deodorant.

And I’ve been missing UPS for the past two days. I’m anxiously awaiting delivery of some new field equipment. But no one has been home to accept when the UPS carrier gets to the house! This is driving me nuts!

And the biggest woe is that I’m still in fundraising mode in an effort to complete financing for season three. Witness the glamorous life of the television producer. Yeah, right.

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