Fantastic Forum on PGC-TV’s "Download Thursday" with Markette Smith

>Host Devon Sanders and I had the pleasure today of being interviewed by PGC-TV’s Markette Smith for her Download Thursday segment of the PCG-TV News. Markette’s feature was about the advent of digital comics and who better to speak on such a subject than the ever knowledgeable Devon?

While digital comics currently only make up a minute percentage of the overall market that percentage continues to grow. More and more readers eschew traditional comic book stores in favor of obtaining material online. Newer devices with more versatile applications make getting comics digitally easier than ever before. The overriding question was what this trend means for brick and mortar establishments.

Brick and mortar are safe for now. Reading a comicbook remains, for me, an extremely tactile experience. I suspect it to be similar for many others. And the investment value of comics isn’t effected by digital comics. No one is ever going to pay a million dollars for your iPad with a copy of Action Comics #1 on it. And there is a comraderie to be found at a comic book shop that one simply cannot get making an online purchase. Ever a consumate professional, Markette was able to draw all this out. It has given me a better understanding of digital comics, my own feelings about them and their developing role in the world of fandom. Thanks, Markette! You may see the interview here

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