Episode 0050 “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary”

Doctor Who premiered on November 23, 1963 and is the longest running science fiction television program in history.

Host Sherin Nicole and panelists Ben Taylor, Jon Skovron and Josh Sheridan Talley discuss THE DOCTOR WHO 50th ANNIVERSARY.  Featuring Producer/Host Ulysses E. Campbell’s interview with author NEIL GAIMAN and Sea To Net Productions’ TARDIS PHOTOBOOTH.

TRT 29:57, production date 11/16/13, original airdate 11/30/13
Host – Sherin Nicole
Panel – Ben Taylor, Jon Skovron, Josh Sheridan Talley
Interview – Neil Gaiman
Cool Toys – Doctor Who TARDIS Photobooth
Crew – Director: Charles Smith,  TD: Janar Stewart,  Audio: Kathi Overton,
Engineer: Nathan Bynum  Cameras: Raj Damodaran, Jay Golter
Make Up: Cornelius Alexander


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