Episode 0025 “African American Portrayals and African Americans Working in American Comics”

Are comics post-racial or are the Black characters still sitting in the back of the bus?

Are African Americans serious characters or do stereotypes hold sway in American comics? Host/Producer Ulysses E. Campbell and panelists Sherin Nicole, Bryan Lyles and Jon R. Brooks discuss AFRICAN AMERICANS WORKING IN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN PORTRAYALS IN AMERICAN COMICS. Interview with writer, animator, artist, creator KYLE BAKER. Event coverage of THE EAST COAST BLACK AGE OF COMICS CONVENTION in Philadelphia, PA.

TRT 29:58, production date 8/29/09, original airdate 2/7/11
Host – Ulysses E. Campbell
Panel – Sherin Nicole, Bryan Lyles, Jon R. Brooks
Interview – Kyle Baker
Event Coverage – The 9th Annual East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention
Crew – Director: Krushae Starnes, Audio: Felicia Murphy,
Cameras: Stephan Azor, Ulysses B. Campbell

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