Top of the morning, to ye!

I was invited to appear on Top Of The Morning yesterday. And as you might imagine from the title it’s a morning show. The program has been running for years with over two thousand episodes in the can. Top of the Morning is produced by Loretto Gubernatis, hosted by Steve Izant and taped in Baltimore, Maryland aboard the U.S.S. Constellation. Constellation is anchored in the Inner Harbor. Steve was a delightful host and he and I got along famously.

The Constellation is a fabulous location. The last civil war era vessel still afloat, it was constructed in 1854 and owns the distinction of being the final all-sail warship built by the US Navy. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic crew of tour guides is ready to answer questions about the ship’s history, including its missions to disrupt the slave trade, and its latter role in delivering famine relief supplies to Ireland.

Look for my appearance on an upcoming episode of Top Of The Morning on CMBC Comcast channel 75 in Baltimore, MD. CMBC is also one of the stations that carry FANTASTIC FORUM.

Afterward, I visited Geppi’s Entertainment Museum with Loretto and Patrick Michael Strange. Patrick is an actor, artist and filmmaker and a damned talented one, at that. We taped the pilot episode of a comic related show produced by Loretto under the working title of, 2 GUYZ & A COMICBOOK. We were joined on the set by Geppi’s Museum Associate Curator, Andy Hersberger. Andy was great and Patrick and I enjoyed a genuine chemistry that is rare in this business. I had a ball with the project.

And don’t fret. My participation on this program doesn’t mean that FANTASTIC FORUM is coming to an end. In fact, I spoke with Andy about the possibilities for another FF taping at the museum. We had such a great experience the last time we taped there and Geppi’s is such a unique place that we have got to get back for another episode. Be on the lookout for more on this must-visit destination for pop culture and comic book fans in future posts. Keep watching, the best is yet to come!

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