Anime-niac on the loose!

>We were back in the studio earlier this month. I was just a bit disappointed as I failed to meet the day’s production schedule. The rundown called for the taping of four episodes but we ended up with only two. However, there was an upside. The lovely Monique Wannamaker taped the debut of our new Anime Review Segment. Monique is the wife of Christopher Wannamaker who is the president of The DC Anime Club. She is an anime connoisseur who also writes an anime review blog. You can read Monique’s blog at:

We also had several first-time panelists grace our set. Welcome Gene Green (of The Menagerie of Kick Assery podcast), Larry Reclusado (of The Nova Comics Show), Chris Peleo-Lazar and Alex Ward.

And my profound apologies to Steve Simpson, Esther Kim, Eden Miller and co-host Billie Rae Bates. You guys are the greatest! We got you covered next taping.

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